Thursday, 21 August 2008

Camping @ Ashfield Park Hartlepool

Initially i didn't have the heart to camping, not really interested!!but after considering my kids and my husband's persuasion and inducement, i agreed and really looking forward to see the Lake District as it said to be so beautiful and wonderful...

However, Allah knows the best! the original plan and place changed due to a very bad weather forecast- heavy rains! We proceeded with our initial intention since the kids were over excited!

' anis, tyah and friends...'

the weather was so lovely on the day we reached there and the day after. hmmmmm...the campsite itself was not so bad (the toilet was quite clean and convenient) Me, myself felt great knowing my kids perfectly had fun and undiluted joy..except adam sesekali masih jugak "baba...baba..." the camping was not so terrible, more relax and santai... the mums had a good time, chatting around and managed to make new friends as well...

'umi and friends...'

the second night , it became miserable and terrible. while we had the the bbq competition on the evening the rains started to pour and according to my husband it became worst after midnight as it was so windy outside. he was so worried that our tent might be blown away or collapsed but as for me and my kids, we had very deep sleep and conked out in our tent!hahaha!

'masing2 menunjukkan skill 'membbq' ayam semasa bbq competition.lepas hantar kat judge masing2 sendiri pihak penganjur dah 'selamat' takyah prepare dinner...

the next morning i couldn't wait to tidy up and go back as the campsite became so wet n muddy.

...macam biasa 'baba and his best friend!

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Bowburn's Family Fun day

We joined the day by selling malaysian foods like karipap, murtabak, kuih kasui, kuih ketayap, kuih lapis, tuna sandwich, nasi and kuma ayam and bee hoon goreng which were really portrayed malaysian taste. we've been invited by ijou (muslim representative in durham) since we've completed our food safety course which means we are qualified to prepare and serve the foods for the public. Here we must have a food hygience certificate issued by City Council in order to sell foods to public.

' nilah jualan kami...kue hijau tu 'perbuatanku'-kuih ketayap namanya!
unexpectedly and suprisingly nasi and kurma ayam became the most favourite meals, then the english had the bee hoon goreng with kurma as the gravy.hmm. what a new dish!! overall the sale was quite interesting and overwhelming.others not so much difference as last year, face painting, henna painting, safety awareness stall etc.
i think it was quite fun for moms as we gained new exposure and new experience and obviously for kids as they could try and have all the crafts things for free...

..beramah mesra bersama 'The Mayor of Durham'

..antara yg bertugas-midah, k.zu, marlina & ros aniza...

..kzu, busy melayan customer

'...nostalgia..jual nasi kat gerai 189'

'tyah dgn face painting 'butterfly.tapi mcm kurang jadi'

'..acara favourite anak2-face painting.cantik ke? macam wayang cina kan?'

..kzu, me & ijou

..isteri Mayor

Monday, 4 August 2008

Rehearsal for Summer camp

Yesterday after 'carbooting' at Chester -le-street, around 2pm we had a spontaneous plan ie test khemah masing2 di padang bola Bowburn sambil makan2. Actually we're going for a summer camp at Lake District in two weeks' time. K.wan cooked nasi lemak and i prepared some mee kari. The weather was so lovely with the blue skies and angin sepoi2 bahasa....and the kids were so happy running here and there. the tents which have been tested seem really ok, eventhough second-hand one from carboot. worth buying! cuma ada satu yg memerlukan masa tambahan untuk didirikan...the biggest among others, 'assalamualaikum, boleh tumpang berteduh...."

proses mendirikan khemah

Hmmmmmm..kita makan dulu....

adib rasmi tidur dalam khemah adib macam letih pasang khemah

adam ngurat rufaydah ye...

Friday, 1 August 2008

Meraikan Tetamu family & azhari's family
Alhamdulillah , tetamu yang kami tunggu2 kedatangannya dah selamat sampai. En Azhari & Ros are also from Trg and they stay in London. Alkisahnya, En. azhari ni kami mula2 kenal di Glasgow, Scotland semasa buat paspot untuk Adib, beberapa bulan yg lalu. setelah beramah mesra maka terbukalah cerita sama2 dari trg. dan jun lalu kami bercuti di London dan menginap di rumah En. Azhari & keluarga yg mana percutian kami ibarat ditaja dan kami merasa sangat terhutang budi dan bertuah.
So this is our turn to repay their kindness. But there are not so many interesting places in Durham ...we brought them to Dalton Park, New Castle Stadium and Royal Quay, New Castle. harap2nya mereka sekeluarga 'sedap tidur dan sedap makan je...' tak ada kata seindah bahasa yg dpt kami balas kebaikan mereka...dan harap percutian mereka penuh dgn keseronokan dan menarik. Eventhough we just knew each other tapi rasa kemesraan, kemeriahan dan keriuhan tu macam bersama kaum keluarga di kampung. kalau ada kesempatan lain kali datang lagi...Terima kasih tak terhingga diatas segala kebaikan azhari & ros, moga perkenalan kita berkekalan...dan moga en azhari dimurahkan lagi rejeki....

..bersama Owen at New Castle Stadium