Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Genap Setahun di Durham

Hari ni genaplah setahun kami merantau di bumi durham ni. Insyaallah, another two years to go...

Plan yg tak dirancang petang tadi 'projek keropok losong' berjalan dgn jayanya tapi kesian very limited edition, (tak cukup tepung sagu la pulak..kena oda lagi ni from trg!!) + dgn bee hoon goreng dr chef jemputan ustazah hamidah. lupa nk snap gambar....

actually post2 ni adalah himpunan hari2 yg dilalui selama setahun kat sini. i'm not manage to update my blog regularly. but still love to layannn


August 2007, we joined a trip to london for the first time (for me). hmmm..quite interesting but not so amazing! They preserve loads of old buildings aged hundred years and they are very proud of it .

kami konvoi 4 buah kereta (5 family) and stayed at travelodge, croydon, about 40 minutes from central london. rupanya di london ni rmai sangat foreigners, esp org kulit hitam from sudan, zimbabwe, arabs, india and pakistan etc. Boleh dikatakan merata dan arabs memang nampak kaya-raya dgn kereta merc siap berdrebar tunggu depan kedai while they do their shopping.

We went to Malaysian hall and even have been entertained by the pengarah with a very delicious meals for lunch.A very big thank to En. Nazri!

then we also visited many places for sure not to be missed, london Bridge, big Ben-parliament square, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar square, Oxford Street, London Eye etc.

Hope to see u again, London!


Lps balik dr London,lebih kurang sebulan lebih menunggu hari. i was really worried and upset too because this was my first experience to give birth far away from my family. loads of questions keep knocking on my head who're going to look after my kids (esp adam he was too small to be a big brother!). i just keep praying every day and night may allah make my way smooth and easy...insyallah.

2 be continued...